We are a team of snowboarders. Furthermore, we also produce our own, lithuanian hand-made clothes and teach people how to snowboard. We are doing everything that is possible, to make snowboarding in Lithuania more popular: we organize various snowboarding events, rail jams, snowboarding movie premieres, build snowparks, film snowboarding edits/movies, organize snowboarding camps and trips all over the world. 

Our trip as a HH has started in early 2011, when we filmed our first edit ever and started making our team’s merch. Since then, we are searching for new ways for snowboarding in Lithuania to become more popular. 

You are always welcome at HH showroom, or you can find everything here, on a web. Our biggest dream and wish is that every snowboarder wearing HH could be recognized at any skiing resort as a part of our huge, lithuanian snowboarding community. Wearing HH would represent our own country and being part of a family.

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